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At Biswell Flooring, our proven quality and attention to detail make us ideal partners for architects, designers and consultants. We are a long-established, independent company, and this allows us to guide you through the specification process with a focus on product quality, suitability and budget. We have deep and broad supplier relationships, but are not tied to anyone, so can confidently offer recommendations that will help achieve your build objectives. We understand that 'equal or approved' really does mean material of the same quality – but at a more competitive rate.

We are happy to discuss project specifics at any stage: during planning, costing or pre-build phases, as well as through the tender process and – of course – once on site. Most importantly, our commitment to quality means that we can be flexible enough to work to a design-intent even if site logistics become difficult, without compromising the actual installation of your flooring. Our site teams and contracts managers enjoy challenges, and take great satisfaction from completing projects that make all stakeholders proud.

Our commitment to reduction, reuse and recycling of materials is also evident from our membership of Carpet Recycling UK, and participation in Recofloor vinyl recycling initiatives. Again, this emphasises our understanding and expertise within the industry – as well as a heartfelt belief that the construction industry in general has historically created too much waste.

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We care about quality of work and attention to detail. We will maintain high standards of customer service, whilst working to deadlines. Our experience in the marketplace and deep product knowledge allows us to advise main contractors, architects and home owners on suitable flooring systems – and the best way to tackle a project….